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Four Reasons Kids Should Learn How to Dance

The Shake it Off Dance Academy Difference Explained

Learn to Dance!

Everyone loves to dance! Not only does it feel great to get your body moving, but it lifts your mood too. That’s why it’s so important to get our kids moving from a young age. There are many wonderful benefits for children who dance. Shake it Off understands that moving and grooving can be a healthy and much-needed outlet for all kids, from tots to teens. So, for dance classes for kids, look no further than Shake it Off Dance Academy in Westchester County, NY.

Group of cute little boys and girls studying modern dance in studio.

Physical Activity

Dancing is a full-body workout that's also really fun! It builds strength, improves coordination and balance, and it’s good for your heart. For kids dance classes check out Shake it Off Dance Academy, their open-air classes are an excellent way to increase added health benefits for your tiny dancer.

Group of fit little ballerinas doing exercises in dance school.


In addition to being good for their growing bodies, dancing can be an awesome socialization tool for children. If your little one is shy, a dance class can be an effective way to reduce social anxieties and teach them how to initiate interactions with other kids. At Shake it Off Dance Academy, their After School Clubs offer great opportunities for kids to expand their social circles and have fun!

A Ballet lesson online.

Improve Self Esteem

By providing an expressive outlet, and the opportunity to learn a new skill, dance builds self-confidence in kids. Shake it Off Dance Academy knows how to create a fun and stress-free environment for kids to really dance like nobody’s watching.

Two young kids dancing.

Self Expression

The same way music is expressive of the song writer's emotions, the dancer’s emotions are also reflected in the way they move. Dance can be a great way for kids to express powerful feelings and emotions they may not have the words to express. Contact us to help your little one Shake it Off today!

It can be hard as a parent to know everything that our kids need to become strong, happy and confident humans. Dance makes kids strong, happy, and confident! Check out Shake it Off Dance Academy in Westchester County, NY and let’s get our social dis-dancing on.

Learn to Dance!