How Dancing Helps a Child's Development

Learning the Connection Between Dance and Development

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Performing arts is one of the oldest forms of self and social exploration. There is significant clinical evidence to support the effect of dance on a child’s overall development. Our team at Shake It Off Dance Academy believes in providing a safe space for children to learn and develop as strong individuals and participating members of society. In this guide, we will explore how dance can help with a child’s overall development.

Cute girl in pink tutu and leotard learning to dance.

Motor Coordination

One of the most obvious benefits of dance on a child’s development is that they learn motor coordination. This is especially important as their growing bodies learn to become spatially aware and balance their growing weight. Learning good coordination skills through dance can translate into other parts of their lives. For example, learning how to ride a bike or rollerblade through the park.

Cute Little Ballerinas Wearing White Tutus, Practicing their Dance Inside the Studio During their Ballet Class.

Kinesthetic Memory and Social Development

If you have ever done a quick Google search for dance studios near me, you are definitely in luck! The Shake It Off Dance Academy has been helping children and adults alike both physically and emotionally. Our team strongly believes that dance can help build children’s kinesthetic memory by helping them explore their emotions and gain better self-awareness. This is an important step in building strong social skills.

Little girl in pink tutu runs along barre.

Physical Strength and Endurance

If you want to help your child build better physical strength and endurance, enroll them in a dance class at Shake It Off Dance Academy! Dance helps build your child’s muscles and keeps them naturally active. In turn, they are also becoming self-aware of their physical strength and capacities. This adventurous exploration helps children become brave and confident.

The kids at dance school. Ballet, hiphop, street, funky and modern dancers over studio background.

Self Confidence and Esteem

Research shows that children who dance and are between the ages of five and seven tend to have higher self-confidence and esteem levels. Dance helps children express their emotions and feelings in a safe and secure environment. You will also find that developmentally, children who dance or are involved in other types of performing arts tend to have better communication and social skills.

We at Shake It Off Dance Academy believe that children that dance learn many essential skills. From motor coordination to building social skills and confidence, children learn a plethora of skills from just dancing. If you are in Westchester, NY, we will invite you to come to check out our space! To learn more about our programs, give us a call!

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