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What we have going on at Shake It Off

Shake It Off has it all! We offer everything from recital choreography options to enrichment activities for daycares and preschools. Our classes are flexible, fun, and customizable for your enjoyment. Don’t see what you need? Create your own dance class! Thank you for choosing Shake It Off, and we look forward to dancing with you!

  • Mommy & Baby Music Classes
  • Mommy & Toddler Music & Dance Classes
  • Science/Art Sensory Classes
  • Choreography Classes, ages 4-18
  • Birthday Parties
  • After-school classes and camps
  • Create your own class
  • And more!

Our Most Popular Options

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Science/Art Classes

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Our combined Science/Art sensory classes are perfect for ages 2-5! In our classes we start with circle time where we warm up with some movement, listen to a book reading about the topic of the day and then get started on our project. We will be covering so many fun and interesting topics such as snowflakes, volcanoes, the solar system, dinosaurs, rainbows and much more!

Science/Art Classes

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Music/Dance Classes

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Enjoy learning and moving together in this interactive dance/music session filled with familiar and new songs, basic dance concepts, and creative play. Have fun and bond with your toddler while playfully introducing them to dance and music. This class is specifically designed to build music and movement foundations for young minds.

We offer music/dance classes for students of all ages!

Music/Dance Classes


Choreography Classes

This class is a fusion of creative movement and basic Hiphop to get all the wiggles & sillies out! Class will focus on muscle development, coordination, & flexibility through fun and creative ways. All students enrolled in the session will end with a fun performance at the last class for their families! Dancers must be at least 3 years prior to the session starting. Styles of dancing include: hip-hop, lyrical, contemporary, and ballet.

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Choreography Classes


Toddler Ballet Classes

Learn ballet basics in a fun princess-themed class! Toddlers can learn skills such as coordination and listening in a casual, entertaining environment. At the end of the session, all of our ballerinas will receive a super cute tutu they can keep and perform with at the last class in front of a Princess and their families!

Check out our Ballet Classes


Storybook Music Classes

We offer classes for your young ones as well!

This class consists of a story reading, followed by a specially-tailored music session! The music session would feature a selection of songs that go hand-in-hand with the theme of the story, as well some of our regularly-used Shake It Off musical selections with the usage of props. The class ends with a simple arts & crafts activity based off of the story, which kids can take home.

Check Out Our Storybook Music Classes

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Baby Music/Sensory Classes

Our baby music & sensory classes are perfect for creative play, movement, visual development, textures, scents and music in simple practical ways that can be easily repeated at home. We also use a combination of traditional songs and rhymes to develop early speech and language skills. These classes also promote exploration, encourages experimenting, and creates a positive attitude towards new experiences! Perfect for ages 3 months to 16 months.

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Check Out Our Baby Music/Sensory Classes

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Birthday Parties

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Learn about Birthdays at Shake it Off!


What to Expect?

Our dance classes involve a lot of movement, so we recommend you bring a water bottle. We also recommend that you bring a blanket/chair to any outdoor classes. Please wear comfortable socks to our indoor classes, as we ask everyone to remove their shoes upon entering. There are no dress code for classes, just come dressed in comfortable clothes.

What Makes our Classes Special?

Music & Dance: Shake it Off dance classes are designed to get your little one moving in different ways! We use a variety of props and teach new movements with each prop to tune gross and fine motor skills.

Science & Art: Our science/art classes are specially designed to teach your little one about the basics of special topics as well as fine tune their motor skills. We do multiple activities per topic, allowing our students to fully explore the topic and create beautiful crafts to go along.

Baby Music/Sensory: Shake it Off's baby music and sensory classes use a variety of props to stimulate your baby and develop key behaviors such as play, curiosity, and movement. Activities in our sensory classes change on a weekly basis as we introduce new activities and props such as edible paint, sand, and others!

Storybook Music: Your child will be able to learn through stories, both familiar and new, using props and curated music throughout the class. We also end with a craft, which supplements their learning while tuning their motor skills.

Toddler Ballet: Our toddler ballet classes are a casual environment where your child can learn the basics of ballet through the use of fun songs and movement-based activities. Students will also receive their own tutu and show off their skills in front of a princess as fun activity at the end of the session.

Choreography: Our choreography classes are a great chance for your child to get their energy out while learning fun new dances and styles. Students learn basic dance techniques while listening to some of their favorite songs with their friends!

Our Inclement Weather Policy

Due to any inclement weather, classes will be moved to Zoom or an indoor location. We will notify you by email once the decision has been made along with our Zoom link or address.


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